IT Audit

An IT Audit is collection and reporting of all information relating to a company’s Information Technology. It’s a practice used to determine and report exactly what a company’s IT is made up of and how it works so that decision makers can use this for IT Support, Planning and Reference purposes.
An IT Audit can take anywhere from a few hours to several days to complete depending on the complexity and size of the site. Digital solutions IT Audits can be very detailed or we can report a basic overview of what a company has.
The purpose of an IT Audit is to reveal what Infrastructure, Hardware, Software and Systems a company has and how it’s put together and to determine the accuracy of the IT Network. IT is the heartbeat of any business so it needs to run smoothly. In order to run smoothly with as little down time as possible, IT Support is a crucial component, as businesses can rarely operate if E-mail, Internet or systems are down. When Digital solutions conducts an IT audit, we are able to determine what best practice approaches are required and need to be implemented in the case of a problem. Often Disaster Recovery plans are overlooked and Digital solutions will pinpoint where the risks are during the IT Audit.