2N – Lift phones

The simplest installation in the world

Choose a communication system for your lift without unnecessary cabling, which fully complies with strict European Union standards. The reliable 2N® Lift8 communicator is easy to install in any lift. Unlike competing systems, it only requires a two-wire bus to connect communication units in the shaft. This means no worries with installing new cabling.

2N® Lift8

The 2N® Lift8 communicator is highly modular and so is designed to fully meet all your needs. Based on the specific type of installation, you choose the communication interface that suits you best, whether its GSM, UMTS, PSTN or VoIP. You choose your own components for the communication system yourself and, if you want to expand the project in the future, all you have to do is buy the module you require, then simply connect it to the existing installation. So you don’t have to install new cabling or make any structural alterations.

The 2N® Lift8 lift communicator enables you to connect up to 8 lifts using one telephone line. The basic components of the system are the central unit, which is connected to audio units inside the lift cabin, in the engine room, beneath or above the cabin and the I/O module. This contains inputs and outputs and serves, for instance, for lift control. A splitter must be added for larger installations requiring the connection of several lifts. The system includes a set of SW apps for remote administration of communicators, administration of test calls for service tools and a call centre.

2N® Lift1

The 2N® Lift1 communication solution is designed for two-way communication in a lift. It can, in particular, be used in lifts where communication between the cabin and the monitoring centre or machine room is required. We offer this lift communicator in two versions, both complying with the requirements of the valid European standards. The first version is suitable for fitting on the wall (Compact version) and the other for fitting behind the lift control panel (COP, car operation panel).