Network infrastructure

Digital solutions has experience and expertise in providing state-of-the-art network design and infrastructure. Digital solutions network solutions are based on fully integrated solutions offering wired and wireless technology, virtualized server and storage infrastructure, secure egress and ingress to the Internet, the option to include voice over IP telephony and state-of-the-art application services that provide scalable user collaboration and information sharing and support for bandwidth hungry applications.

Network Infrastructure Security is critical to the success of and confidence in your IT systems. Digital solutions infrastructure design incorporates comprehensive e-safety and security, disaster recovery, anti-virus, anti-spam and malicious attack filters that allow customer stuff to enjoy Internet access seamlessly and with full protection of internal data and the network.

Wireless infrastructure

Wireless networks operate in a shared spectrum with a variety of applications and devices competing for bandwidth in enterprise environments. More than ever, schools need to have visibility in their wireless spectrum to prevent unexpected downtime. Digital solutions specializes in providing exceptional wireless technology delivering high speed and best connectivity. Using the latest wireless technology allows customer to maintain efficiency and keep pace with ever changing data transfer speeds. Our wireless solutions can help ensure secure data transactions, improve efficiency, secure transfer of confidential information and improve customer’s security. To ensure that security policies are applied consistently throughout the network, our wireless systems are designed to monitor for unplanned networks, unauthorized client networks, client spoofing and other attacks that may introduce security openings in the network. The Digital solutions designed system allows for mobility and flexibility, creating a wide area community wireless network that customers can access from anywhere and at any time without compromising performance, reliability or privacy.